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Weedy Sea Dragons Get a New Perspective

With a new angle and close-up camera, the Weedy Sea Dragons are most definitely in high def on the Live Cam. Did You Know?  The tail of a male leafy sea dragon will turn bright yellow when he is ready to mate – – There is some evidence that color is influenced by habitat and available food

A Few Amazing Facts About the Weedy Seadragon

The small weedy seadragon grows to just 1.5 feet, which is astonishing considering they don’t have stomachs! “They eat almost constantly and over wide areas, feeding on mysid shrimp and other small crustaceans, plankton, and larval fish.” Weedy seadragons also have an individually unique look as researchers doing population density studies have determined that individual

Explore the 5 Biomes: Aquatic

We’ve covered Tundra. Now on to the deep, dark and unknown! The aquatic biome is the only one necessary to support life. Water covers 75% of the Earth, but aquatic biomes are pretty easily categorized – freshwater and marine. From ponds and lakes to coral reefs and wetlands, explore aquatic biomes by diving into the Shark

World Octopus Day!

Did You Know? ”Common octopuses will collect crustacean shells and other objects to construct fortresses, or “gardens,” around their lairs” (NatGeo). Read more amazing facts about the octopus here!  Get underwater with octopuses, sharks, sting rays and more on one of the 5 aquarium live cams!: Blue Cavern, Japanese Sea Nettles, Tropical Reef, Weedy Sea Dragons