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OFSDS Weekly Update (6/7)

New to the Gardens Cash – a beagle Merle – another beagle The shelter said Cash and Merle are bonded but so far they have shown no love towards each other. Returned to the Gardens Maverick Miscellaneous Dog Updates Post surgery lab results are in on Freckles and the findings are grim.  Freckles has cancer

OFSDS Weekly Update (5/24)

New to the Gardens Smo – beagle bonded with Carl Sophie – toy poodle – bonded Beasley – miniature poodle – bonded Caesar – miniature poodle – bonded To Forever Foster Gandolf Miscellaneous Dog Updates Harley had a large tumor removed from his left front foot,  He is recovering well. Bosco has spent some R

OFSDS Weekly Update (5/17)

New to the Gardens Percy – a miniature dachshund Carl – a beagle Sargent – a very old lab Returned to the Gardens Mason To Forever Fosters Noelani Tulip Mickey and Minnie- At long last these two  were able to go home with their favorite staff person Miscellaneous Dog Updates Babs had dental work done

OFSDS Weekly Update (5/10)

New to the Gardens Short Stack – a JR mix Muffin – a tiny poodle mix Harriett – a blind Maltese mix To Forever Fosters Toy Herbie Miscellaneous Dog Updates Everyone in Reception had an uneventful week…which for most of them is a good thing. Bosco still wears out his rear end by following everyone

OFSDS Weekly Update (5/3)

New to the Gardens Buttercup – a lab/basset hound mix Returned to the Gardens Stanley To Forever Foster Homes Buttercup – the beagle Hash Brown Yogi Across the Rainbow Bridge Sweet Pea Miscellaneous Dog Updates Augustus Gloop and Jasper were neutered and are now hanging out in Reception Suzy Q is still hanging out in

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