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OFSDS Weekly Update (12/7)

Much happier report this week than last….. To Forever Fosters Martha and Schroeder went to the same foster who felt that Martha would be happier with a companion Lana went to one of our long-time fosters and is settling in nicely Flora Dash went home with me as a hospice.  He’s proof that blind dogs

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OFSDS Weekly Update (11/30)

This was a particularly difficult week at OFSDS as we said goodbye to 4 Old Friends.  All 4 succumbed to cancer:  Two of our bonded pairs suffered a loss.  While my weekly updates more weeks than not contain a dog crossing the Rainbow Bridge, 4 Old Friends passing in 5 days is not usual.  .

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OFSDS Weekly Update (11/23)

This has been a holiday week for most folks but at OFSDS there are no holidays.  We are staffed 365 days a year. New to the Gardens Gatsby – large black dog Gidget – brown chi Caroline – grey cockapoo Lil – chihuahua Medical Updates Mousse had a good week and is holding his own

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OFSDS Weekly Update (11/16)

CORRECTION TO LAST WEEK’S UPDATE:  Nana is not a dog at OFSDS.  Should have been Lana, New to OFSDS Houston – a somewhat similar but smaller and blind version of Marco Bella – tan poodle Flora –  smaller tan poodle To Forever Fosters Ralphie Big Al Sassy & Cowboy Paxton Duncan – confirmed surgery to

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OFSDS Weekly Update (11/9)

New to the Gardens Marigold – black lab mix Nana – mastiff Returning to the Gardens Rue Medical Updates Violet was spayed Toy had surgery this week – removal of growth and a couple of toes and removal of a growth in his anal area. Duncan had surgery and appears to have a foster home

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