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ofsds blog keeping the peace

OFSDS Weekly Update (5/18)

Reception Dogs The Reception dogs had an interesting week. OFSDS hosted a seminar and it was held in the reception area so all of the dementia dogs and the other dogs who stay in reception got lots of attention from the seminar attendees. All of the dementia dogs continue to hold their own. To Foster

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OFSDS: The Rover Camera

As you all know, we now have a new camera, the Rover Cam, that has been generously provided by Explore.org. The Rover cam is special in that….it roves! The focus of the Rover Cam was to be able to show the whole feeding process through the building. Since we only feed twice a day, this

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OFSDS: Forever Fostering

We get a lot of questions about our program and why we do things the way we do them. We are not like most other rescues and there is a reason for that. It is because we deal almost exclusively with super seniors (those over 10 years old) and with dogs who are not perfect

ofsds blog keeping the peace

OFSDS: Keeping the Peace

Our Old Friends, for the most part, get along pretty well, but, they are like a big family and as you would expect, sometimes there are clashes and disagreements. One very important part of our Dog Caretaker’s job is to monitor the relationships between our Old Friends. We do things different than most everyone, so

Leo from the home gang

OFSDS: Snow Days

You folks in the northern part of the country are probably laughing at us down here in the south over these past couple of weeks. We have a couple of little bitty snow events (in our defense, there was a bit of ice mixed in) and the whole place comes to a stop. Last week,

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