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OFSDS Weekly Update (9/22)

There are currently 106 dogs at OFSDS. To Forever Foster Cosmo – our lovable “Tater Tot” is enjoying life with his new family. Medical Updates Nina has been moved back to Reception so Dr Christine can monitor a limp. “Big” Al continues to hang out in Medical Nellie had a scheduled appointment to monitor her

senior dogs blog

OFSDS Weekly Update (9/14)

Busy week at OFSDS. We hosted our 3rd 3 day seminar about Starting, Growing and Operating a Senior Dog Sanctuary. Participants came from a number of states and lots of good information was exchanged. New Arrivals Boo and Zury — a bonded pair of miniature poodles Big Al — Min Pin Schroeder — blind brown mixed breed who I omitted from

Snapshot by Syd-9

OFSDS Weekly Update (9/7)

Very quiet week so a very short report this week. Lull in construction this week To Foster Home:  Dean – a cute and perky Yorkie who spent a very short time in Reception waiting for his new home. Across the Rainbow Bridge – Sally, diabetic Min Pin in Reception, passed away unexpectedly after having a

Sherie, Photo by OFSDS

OFSDS Weekly Update (8/31)

Construction continued with a permanent roof added over the 4 outside wooden pens.  This roof will allow the dogs in these pens to spend more time outside. Dog Update Hailee underwent emergency surgery for bloat.  Thank goodness her symptoms began during working hours and that staff were there to notice her distress and get her

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OFSDS Weekly Update (8/24)

Construction in LDV finished and then there was the big relocation.  Big Dog Hall and the former LDV will now house a collection of large dogs from BDH and Gathering Room as well as our special needs dogs…ie ones that don’t get along with other dogs.  These dogs will now have their own exit to

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