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Snapshot by Olechka

Meet Lioness Nikita!

Content courtesy of Big Cat Rescue

If you have spent any time watching any of our live cams of Big Cat Rescue, you have probably stumbled upon a beautiful and fierce lioness. Meet Nikita:

Snapshot by Robin-crackerob

Snapshot by Robin-crackerob

Nikita was rescued in November of 2001 when she was found chained to a wall during a drug bust in Tennesse. She was malnourished and had several visible injuries. She was originally brought to the Nashville Zoo at Grasmere but since she was declawed, she could not thrive with the other lions. This is where Big Cat Rescue stepped in!


Snapshot by Tammya

Since then, Nikita has flourished into a healthy, happy, and playful lion. Living out the remainder of her days in peace and comfort, Nikita loves to do somersaults and play with her feet. You can catch her completely relaxed every day on our live cam here!