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polar bear

The weather’s cool and the bears are playful!

The temperatures in Churchill, Manitoba, have cooled down this past week, leading to a spike in play activity that the tourists (and polar bears!) are pretty happy about!

polar bear on ice

Freeze-up Is Coming!

As the temperatures drop in Churchill, MB, some ice is finally starting to form on the ponds and along the beach.  The tourists and other visitors are pulling on extra layers of clothing and finding their warm mittens, while the polar bears are reveling in the colder conditions and feeling better than they have for

Polar Bear Cam Is Live!

A mass of white is spotted from afar. “I think that’s one!” Emily, a volunteer with Polar Bears International exclaimed as she pulled the binoculars away from their seemingly permanent position on her face. Buggy One slowly approached the bear and came to a stop. The engine is shut down. Stillness. An elegant polar bear

What’s For Dinner?

/ Post by Katie Billing of Polar Bears International Polar bears are the world’s largest land predators. Male bears can weigh from 351 kg up to 544 kg. The largest polar bear recorded weighed 1001 kg. How do polar bears maintain this large weight? By eating, of course! Right now, the polar bears are out on the sea

Operating The Polar Bear Cam

/ Post by Valerie Abbott of Polar Bears International When October rolls around, what’s the next best thing to being in Churchill, Manitoba? Having the opportunity to seek out polar bears from the comforts of home! To actually run the cameras that show the world these amazing animals during their migration is truly a dream for me.

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