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polar bear

The weather’s cool and the bears are playful!

The temperatures in Churchill, Manitoba, have cooled down this past week, leading to a spike in play activity that the tourists (and polar bears!) are pretty happy about!

There are two sub-adult (3-5 years old) males that have been hanging out together over the last few days. They seem inseparable and love to wrestle with each other throughout the day! These boys have put on many shows for the humans that are watching, and seem to delight in being the center of attention! Only the appearance of a big, older male broke them up for awhile on Wednesday, but soon they were back together, sparring, biting, and cuddling. We can never know for sure, but there is a good chance that they are related, maybe brothers!

These two don’t show any signs of leaving, so share your screenshots and let us now what they’re up to! Also, keep tuning in to see more polar bear action before the sea ice comes in!

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