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polar bear on ice

Freeze-up Is Coming!

As the temperatures drop in Churchill, MB, some ice is finally starting to form on the ponds and along the beach.  The tourists and other visitors are pulling on extra layers of clothing and finding their warm mittens, while the polar bears are reveling in the colder conditions and feeling better than they have for months!

The actual freeze-up of Hudson Bay is clearly on its way, but sea ice won’t start to form in earnest for at least 1-4 weeks. However, that wait won’t stop these polar bears from getting used to the ice and snow again! Many of the bears are taking their time shuffling across the ice and digging through the snow, seemingly happy with the arrival of the fluffy white stuff. There has been an increase in activity on the polar bear cams as the cool weather encourages good moods and playful interactions.

Stay tuned because there are still a couple weeks left of great polar bear viewing before they leave for their hunt!

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