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Cuddle Up

Lee and Cay from our Kitten Cam aren’t afraid to show their affection. Much of the reason why a cat cuddles has to do with in what type of environment he was raised. Cats raised in a calm, affectionate family learn to trust humans and express that through cuddling. Of course, whether a cat cuddles

Our Woofentine Award Winners

Congratulations to our Woofentine Award Winners! See more on our Dog Bless You Facebook page.

Community Voices: Love Your Pet

Cat Fact Wednesday Community Voices: Love Your Pet Cody from Minnesota tried to get a picture of his much loved cat for the blog, but he writes: My cat got a little scared when my dad snapped this photo and really dug her claws in! Did You Know?  All cats have claws, and all except

God sent me Gino

Community Voices: Love Your Pet After losing my best friends from old age, I was lost without them. It took me a year and God sent me Gino. I boxer mastiff mix. He had spent his whole life in a shelter as they tried 5 times to put him down a shelter worker kept taking him off

Share their stories with us

Dogma Thursday We asked our Explore community to share their stories with us – particularly the ones about their canine best friends. We love this first story we received from Jeff, who responded almost immediately, about his family’s rescue dogs.  We adopted both girls at older ages. They are now 10 & 11.  The love

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