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Daily Dose of Love: The New Website Is Here

Did a visit to our new website have you feeling like a goat in a turkey barn? We know that change can be tough, and we’re here to make the transition easier for everyone. Reach out to feedback@explore.org with any questions you have, and swing by our blog to see a video tutorial on how to use some of

All-New Help Center: Answers When You Need Them

Need explore web-assistance pronto? Great news! We’re introducing an all-new help center to improve your website experience in real time. Instead of having to email feedback and wait for our staff to respond, you’ll get answers when you need them. Now. Do the live cams seem slow to you? Get helpful tips for a better

Community Voices: Soundtrack to Our Lives

Community Voices: Earth Hour – Climate Change

Here are some simple tips from Brenda and another explore.org fan on how to save energy and reduce waste: Cool Down: “We keep our house at 58 in winter, and do not own an AC, but use shades and shutters in summer, with fans at night to cool the house.” – Brenda Combine trips for

Community Voices: Sunsets

Community Voices: Sunsets From Regina, a gorgeous photo from Sunset Park in Petoskey, Michigan. Explore more of Michigan, and take a tour of Detroit with Charlie – finding the heart of one of American’s hardest hit and most soulful cities. Send us your sunset photos and we’ll share them here, email feedback@explore.org.

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