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Our Woofentine Award Winners

Congratulations to our Woofentine Award Winners! See more on our Dog Bless You Facebook page.

Penguin Loyalty

Penguins vocalize to recognize each other. Each penguin’s voice is as distinct as a human fingerprint. Many Magellanic Penguins are faithful to their partners. They nest once each year, usually laying their eggs in October. See the Magellanic Penguins live at the Aquarium of the Pacific! – http://explore.org/#!/live-cams/player/live-penguin-cam


The “steady, rhythmic sound emitted when your cat inhales and exhales is often associated with contentment. But cats also purr when they need to self-calm or while nursing a litter; however, your cat saves the special full-bodied rumble as a smile directed to you. It is her way of saying, ‘I love you.’” (More here.) See

May Your Sunday Be Filled With Kisses, Preening, And Penguins!

See them live at explore.org and the Aquarium of the Pacific!