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Cat Fact Wednesday

Cat Fact Wednesday: We are Siamese if you please! Did You Know? The Siamese traces its royal roots back to the 14th Century in Thailand when it was known as Siam. This elegant breed belonged to members of the Siam royal family who would bestow them to visiting dignitaries.  This breed began showing up in Europe and

Cat Fact Wednesday: Big Cats

Cat Fact Wednesday Tigers are one of the main animals included in the list of “Big Cats” (usually tigers, lions, jaguars, leopards, cougars, cheetahs, snow leopards, clouded leopards, bobcats, mountain lions, ocelots and lynx). Here are some fantastic Big Cat Facts from NatGeo: The cheetah is the world’s fastest land mammal. It can run at speeds of

Community Voices: Love Your Pet

Cat Fact Wednesday Community Voices: Love Your Pet Cody from Minnesota tried to get a picture of his much loved cat for the blog, but he writes: My cat got a little scared when my dad snapped this photo and really dug her claws in! Did You Know?  All cats have claws, and all except

Cat Disguise!

Cat Disguise!  Ever wonder where a cheetah gets his spots or why your tabby has the cutest pattern on her feet? Wonder no more – the gene was found in September: “After years of studying how cats get their color, researchers have pinpointed an elusive gene underlying spots on cheetahs, stripes in house cats and

Cat Fact Wednesday: Jambo

Cat Fact Wednesday Hello, or as Jambo (pictured here) might say, “Bonjour.” Since her picture is hard to find, Jambo is a place holder for Ms. Felicette of France – otherwise known as Astrocat. “In 1963, France sent the first cat into space. Known as Felicette, she was also dubbed ‘Astrocat’ by the press. Via

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