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God sent me Gino

Community Voices: Love Your Pet

After losing my best friends from old age, I was lost without them. It took me a year and God sent me Gino.

I boxer mastiff mix. He had spent his whole life in a shelter as they tried 5 times to put him down a shelter worker kept taking him off the death table and saved him.

When her superiors heard what she was doing they told her the dog goes to sleep or you lose your job.

She called a rescue person here, where I live 95 miles away, and told her the story. By God’s grace she was helping me to find another pet. She called and told me his story and how he was in bad shape.

When Gino came to me he had had his heart worm cured, 2 ports in his back, bleeding ears from infection and was neutered. He was in bad shape.

I looked into his eyes and took him. Today Gino is totally transformed and is the best dog in the world. He is an angel with no bad habits we can see. He is trained and so smart we tell him no once and he learns.  I am thinking he would make a great therapy dog.

Please see pics. He has made my son Justin and I very happy and once again we have furry love

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