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Meet the newest Penguin Chick!

Please welcome Aquarium of the Pacific‘s newest member! The newest chick is a Magellanic Penguin who was previously being taken of by its parents. Now that it is old enough, it will be staying in a supervised nursery where it is now learning how to take a whole fish from keepers and how to swim

Field Trip!

The penguin chicks at Aquarium of the Pacific are headed to Penguin Beach! Starting next Tuesday you’ll be able to watch them, along with their parents, on our Penguin Beach Live Cam.

Parents Love

theanimalblog: Parents Love. Photo by Annelise and Claus Possberg After a cold spell in California, it’s the perfect day for the beach – the penguins at the Long Beach Aqurium think so too and you can check them out live now. “The stereotypical male and female parenting roles are reversed for Emperor penguins (seen above).