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Merlin medical clinic

Too Cute Tuesday

We’re using this Too Cute Tuesday to draw attention not only to the playful smiles seen here, but the strength of those smiles through ongoing turmoil.

These Darfuri children are seen here at the Merlin medical clinic in Gereida. Explore.org  grants $1 million to aid in emergency medical care here, where normal health care is hard to come by and made less accessible due to the conflict: “Since 2004, Merlin has been providing vital medical services in Darfur, both to thousands of displaced people fleeing conflict and to the equally underserved local communities. Merlin offers comprehensive primary health care, focusing on maternal and child health, disease prevention and health education, through a network of static and mobile clinics in the region. Accessing rural communities is a daily challenge in Darfur and our programs are constantly adaptabed to ensure we can provide vital services to the greatest number of people possible” (Merlin).

Celebrate strength and hope, and find out more at Explore.org.