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A polar bear mom and her cub wait for the sea to ice over.

The Polar Bear’s New Name Is…

The votes are in, explore has deliberated, and polar bear mom X33410 will be renamed Ursula! We think it’s a perfect fit.

Meaning “Little Bear”, the name Ursula also evokes the constellation Ursa Minor (She Bear) in the northern sky which features Polaris, the North Star. Our little she bear is an 8-year-old mother to a single yearling cub. Now research scientists and fans alike can follow her on their winter journey over the sea ice via GPS on the Polar Bear Tracker.

Every year researchers monitor Canada’s western Hudson Bay polar bear population. Some females get outfitted with GPS so they can be tracked throughout the year. The information gathered gives us a rarely seen glimpse into the lives of polar bears while they hunt out on the sea ice. Polar Bears International will pop in to give us updates on Ursula, so stay tuned!

Learn how to use the Polar Bear Tracker in this short video by Alysa McCall of Polar Bears International!

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