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panda toddlers eating bamboo

Happy Thanksgiving! Pics of Panda Toddlers Devouring Pounds of Bamboo

When it comes to eating bamboo, this is how it’s done. Panda toddlers Xing An and Gong Gong got some big bamboo shoots to eat. They loved every bite of them too! Check out the pics from Panda Cam #3 captured by Cam Op Lee.

panda bear

See What Happens When a Cam Op Visits the Giant Panda Reserve

One of explore.org’s camera operators (Cam Ops) went to visit the Bifengxia Reserve in China – home of our Panda Cams. Here are the personal pictures Lee brought back.

Panda Munching on some Bamboo

Up On Old Leopard Mountain

  Have you met our giant pandas yet? Climb Old Leopard Mountain and meet the pandas who live there.


Pandas on the Playground

What do you get with two giant panda toddler cubs and just one rocking horse on the playground?

Panda Toddlers at Their Best

Panda cubs on the Giant Panda Toddler Cam can show you how to roll. These panda cubs are between 8-months and 2-years-old. Did You Know?:  Giant Panda cubs are especially vulnerable since the mothers don’t use a den and hibernate as other bears do. In the wild, Giant Pandas nest in hollow tree trunks or caves. The

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