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panda cub and mom

Baby Panda Won’t Let Mom Sleep In

Those pandas are at it again! Mama panda Xi Mei and toddler daughter Xi Le are known for their hilarious and playful banter, like the times mama wouldn’t share her bread with baby.

panda mom and cub

Panda Mom STILL Won’t Share Her Bread!

We all had a good belly laugh with last week’s highlight clip of mother panda Xi Mei denying daughter Xi Li a bite from her delicious hunk of bread. Well, mama of the year Xi Mei is back at it in a new clip from  Bifengxia Panda Center in Ya’an, China.

New Images of Tao Tao in the Wild

From Pandas International Blog we get news of Tao Tao’s progress adapting to the wild. “We have just been sent images of Tao Tao [seen above] from the wild.  Tao Tao was released into the wildon October 11, 2012.  Those tracking his movements and checking in on him report that he is fully acclimated to his environment and

The Sound of Pandas

Pandas are arguably the most vocal of all the bear species. One of the most distinctive of the panda vocalizations is the “bleat.” This sounds similar to the sound a lamb or a goat kid would make, and it’s a friendly sound, a greeting. Pandas don’t roar the way you think of a brown bear

The Sixth Toe

Did you know Pandas have thumbs, much like those of humans?  The front paws of a Giant Panda are distinctly different from other bears due to a special bone found in their wrists called the sesamoid bone. This bone crates their distinctive “sixth toe”, an opposable thumb, that is used for grasping bamboo. (Pandas International) See

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