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panda cub and mom

Baby Panda Won’t Let Mom Sleep In

Those pandas are at it again! Mama panda Xi Mei and toddler daughter Xi Le are known for their hilarious and playful banter, like the times mama wouldn’t share her bread with baby.

In this new highlight clip from Bifengxia Panda Center in Ya’an, China, Xi Mei lays flat on her belly sleeping while Xi Le pounces on her back to rouse her up. Mom is so stubborn, she just lies there as Xi Li uses her as a stepping stool, nuzzles her, and pulls her arm. But to no avail, as Xi Mei is not having it. While it’s possible that the mother is attempting to wean her daughter from nursing now that Xi Le is 16 months old, we can’t be sure of that. However, Xi Mei is doing fine, she was just felt like taking it easy. Check out the clip below:

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