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New Images of Tao Tao in the Wild

From Pandas International Blog we get news of Tao Tao’s progress adapting to the wild. “We have just been sent images of Tao Tao [seen above] from the wild.  Tao Tao was released into the wildon October 11, 2012.  Those tracking his movements and checking in on him report that he is fully acclimated to his environment and

Tao Tao in the Wild

“Tao Tao, a captive born panda, was released into the wild after two years of “training”.  Since then, we have brought news of his life in the wild as we have received it from China.  [And] we have a new and exciting update:…I n addition to surviving a cold winter, Tao Tao has also experienced the

An Update On Tao Tao

/ Post by Pandas International Tao Tao, the 2-year-old male panda released into the Lipingzi Nature Reserve in southwestern China, appears to be adapting well to his new home. Researchers and trackers with the reintroduction program say that he is feeding well and appears healthy and vital. Scientists are monitoring the bear with GPS supplied