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Sylvia Earle chats underwater live on explore!

World-renowned – and 80-year-old – oceanographer and explorer Dr. Sylvia Earle will lead two “Live Dive” expeditions this Saturday, May 21st to be broadcast to a Jumbo-tron on the National Mall in Washington DC, into schools in Ventura California, on explore.org, and our Facebook page. Catch them live at 10am and 12pm PT!

Swim Among Giant Kelp Forests On A New Underwater Live Cam

Explore and the National Park Service bring you new, spectacular live views of one of the richest marine environments in the world, home to nearly one thousand different plant and animal species. the Anacapa Ocean Live Cam takes you a virtual tour underwater among the giant kelp forests off Southern California’s Anacapa Island, where sea

Giant Kelp Forests

Giant kelp grows to be up to 200 feet long and lives 9-10 years. “Each giant kelp plant can release 70 trillion spores every year” to replenish its forests (more here). One group is undertaking an initiative, using local deep sea divers, to restore depleted kelp forests along the California coast. Read more here. Get