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Giant kelp can grow to 200 feet!

Swim Among Giant Kelp Forests On A New Underwater Live Cam

Explore and the National Park Service bring you new, spectacular live views of one of the richest marine environments in the world, home to nearly one thousand different plant and animal species. the Anacapa Ocean Live Cam takes you a virtual tour underwater among the giant kelp forests off Southern California’s Anacapa Island, where sea urchins feed off the leaves, fish hide throughout the fronds and brittle stars, anemones, and sponges live on the holdfasts. And don’t be surprised to see the occasional sea otter or seal hunting for food or napping in the kelp!

Located just 11 miles off the coast of Ventura County, California, but isolated over thousands of years, Anacapa has an ecosystem that is unique to any other on the planet. It’s one of five islands that make up the Channel Islands National Park. Along with this Anacapa Ocean Cam, we’ll soon debut other live cams in the Channel Islands family with views of seascapes, bald eagle nests, rock formations and more!

Visit this remote national treasure, take snapshots and post them in the comments section or email them to social@explore.org. We’ll share some of the best with credit to you on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

EXPLORE The Complete – Channel Islands Live Camera Experience