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Lydia Conquers the Moose

The Service Dog Project can’t anticipate all the hurdles a dog might encounter in a new town. Luckily their training prepares them for things big and small… and sometimes really big! Here’s a personal story from Annette, a new Service Dog Project mama:

As Lydia settles in with me, her new Mom and new town, she has met some unusual challenges… Service Dog Project does and an incredible job exposing these amazing service dogs to many every day scenarios, and even some not so everyday stuff.

So now she is with me, in Vermont. Vermont is known for their moose, and my town has life-size moose statues in various locations as well as catamount [mountain lion] statues… It just so happens at the end of my street, there is a moose that is painted the color of a real moose.

My dear Lydia wanted nothing to do with that huge beast living at the end of her street, so she would really push me away from that beast toward the road… I had been chatting with Kati about this moose issue, and she told me to keep exposing her to the moose until she gets over it.

Well today we did it!!

She conquered her fear of that beast! I took the time to get a pic with her laying next to it. Not such a good pic but I was so proud of her!

We also visited an art gallery this morning as well as a corner convenience store to stop and visit. She was wonderful!!

It feels so good to feel confident to walk around town without fear of falling. She is doing so wonderfully helping me up and down the stairs to get to my apartment. She has learned my speed and stride going up and down… SUCH a SMART girl!

Today we have a physical therapy appointment to go to. I will let you know how that goes… Oh, and I took her to a vet yesterday to get established and she weighed in at 118 lbs.

Annette :~)

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