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Colin & Vincimus

The word vincimus is Latin for “by endurance we conquer.” Colin chose this name for this special dog because Vincimus was born deaf. Colin knew there would always be additional challenges with regards to training as a result of his special needs, but he didn’t care. He saw Vincimus for the first time as a puppy during a PetsMart adoption event with a local rescue.  It was love at first sight. He immediately went home to get his 8 year old Boxer to make an introduction. They hit it off like old friends, so he left the store with two dogs and a bag of puppy food.

Colin was a Marine for four years. He did two tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom. During the time that he served he as a Field Artillery Fire Direction Controlman.

Colin and Vincimus started training one month ago. Right now they are focused on passing the Canine Good Citizen test, which is the first test they have to complete to move forward in their service dog program with Soldier’s Best Friend. He is focusing on that right now and knows graduation will come about when they are both ready.