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veteran's day

Honoring Our Veterans: Your Stories

We asked in our newsletter who you’re honoring this Veterans Day, and were touched by your responses. In recognition of the brave veterans you’re honoring today, here are some of the stories you sent in: Irene Chansawang: “Honoring the bravery of Chris Bollinger, who served in Germany and Iraq. He is a loving dog-dad to Cheyenne and

Body And Soul

“Service canines for post traumatic stress are like seeing eye dogs for the mind.” K9s For Warriors will be training 25 very special Dog Bless You service dogs, rescued from shelters for our wounded warriors.

Who Rescued Who?

There’s a very special program in Arizona called Soldier’s Best Friend that trains shelter animals to be service dogs for veterans with PTSD. They will be training 30 dogs through the Dog Bless You program.

Paving The Way

Canines for Service, paving the way for our veterans. They’ll be training five Dog Bless You service dogs in North Carolina.

Proudly Training Service Dogs : Paws For Hearts

Bill and Venuto proudly represent Paws for Purple Hearts, who will be training five Dog Bless You service dogs in Virginia, California, and Maryland.

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