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The Roar of Mpala’s Lions

The unmistakeable roar of a lion can be heard on most mornings at the Mpala Research Centre, the home of African wildlife on Explore.org. Both male and female lions roar, a sound that can be heard from five miles (8 km) away. With the recent rains and an abundance of prey, daily lion sightings have

Big Cat Rescue Cams Bring Ferocious Fun to Explore

Big Cat Rescue is a Tampa, Florida-based sanctuary that saves cats in danger, heals those they’ve rescued and works to end the trade of lion, tigers, cougars and other felines. Now they’ve partnered with us to bring a series of live cams to explore!

14 Lions No Match for this Baby Elephant (Video)

A lone baby elephant looked like lunch for 14 hungry lionesses, but the pachyderm got the best of this pack of jungle cats with a variety of self-defense tactics. Guests on safari recently captured thrilling, nail-biting footage while driving through South Luangwa National Park in Zambia.

Getting to Know the Animals of Mpala: Predator Edition!

Keep an eye out for these helpful guides from our partners on the ground in Mpala, Kenya. Follow along on the African Wildlife Live Cams and see if you can spot the predators talked about below! From our partners from Mpala: We’ve been getting to know the animals we see on the African Wildlife Cams and today is the

Lion Cub Comes Out from Hiding

zooborns: Zoo Miami’s Lion Cub Makes His First Public Apearance For the first time in Zoo Miami history, a Lioness and her cub went on public exhibit together. First-time mother Asha and her three month old male cub K’wasi thrilled zoo guests last week as they explored the exhibit and interacted together. Learn more about

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