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Getting to Know the Animals of Mpala: Predator Edition!

Keep an eye out for these helpful guides from our partners on the ground in Mpala, Kenya. Follow along on the African Wildlife Live Cams and see if you can spot the predators talked about below! From our partners from Mpala: We’ve been getting to know the animals we see on the African Wildlife Cams and today is the

The Hunter and the Hunted

From the African Wildlife Cams we have some rare shots thanks to our Cam Operators and explore.org community! The African wildlife experts at the Mpala Research Centre were excited to receive these pics saying, “There have already been some great predator and (some of the prey they would love to take a bite out of) snapshots of

Enter the Jungle, Meet the Crocodiles

Along the banks of Tanzanian waterways, you might find this little cuddly guy. Did You Know?  The average life span of a wild, African crocodile is 45 years. They grow to around 16 ft and weigh 500 lbs Their group name differs on land vs. water. When hanging out together in the sun, a group of