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Courtesy: Caters News Agency

14 Lions No Match for this Baby Elephant (Video)

A lone baby elephant looked like lunch for 14 hungry lionesses, but the pachyderm got the best of this pack of jungle cats with a variety of self-defense tactics. Guests on safari recently captured thrilling, nail-biting footage while driving through South Luangwa National Park in Zambia.

At one point the elephant had two lions on its back and one clawing at its hind legs. Not wanting to succumb to snack time, the elephant charged at the pride of predators, performed some fancy footwork, and ran into deep waters. According to the story from Caters News, “Safari guide, Innocent, who works for Norman Carr Safaris and was driving the Jeep, said: ‘In many years I have been a safari guide in Zambia at the South Luangwa, never have I seen anything like this.'” The young elephant, dubbed Hercules, is reportedly safe and back with its family. Those lions will have to find some other chump to munch on.  Sit on the edge of your seat and check out the video below:

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