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Winning The Hardest Battle

For five years after returning from the war I battled my demons every day, pushing away my family and friends and living in denial of my problems. It has been 18 months since being connected with Slider, my service dog from K9s For Warriors. In that time, I have gotten back my family and developed some abilities to cope with the affects of PTSD. Slider has helped me along with my lovely wife Carol of 20 years, who has provided unconditional love and support by staying by my side as I deal with the demons I fight with daily. 

Slider has shown me how to love again and appreciate people close to me. He does not judge me or hold anything against me, but accepts me for who I am. I cannot thank the folks at K9s for giving me not only a tool, but also a friend for life and my family back. The continued support from K9s is always there and truly from their hearts.