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grand canyon

Watch “All Men Zen Den”- A Short Film

Watch this short film as Explore takes you into the Grand Canyon to reconnect with the earth. Discover the connections between man and nature in this moving zen den.

gray wolf

Gray Wolf Trekked from Northern Rockies to Grand Canyon

A gray wolf has a holiday travel story that trumps every tale of airport woe you’ll hear this weekend. The wolf trekked 450 miles, through the Rocky Mountains and into Arizona, near the Grand Canyon. Live Science reports that, after several sightings of a female wolf, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services checked out the DNA

A Double Rainbow for Your Weekend

mothernaturenetwork: Photo of the day: Grand Canyon gets a double dose of rainbows See more beautiful shots of the Grand Canyon here. Happy Friday!

Explore the 5 Biomes: Desert

Tundra. Aquatic. On to the desert! Some desert biome fast facts:  Deserts have less than 50cm of rain/year. Deserts cover 1/5 of the Earth’s surface. Most desert animals are small because larger animals usually cannot sufficiently store water or hide from the sun! (The camel excepted of course.) – Read more here. The Grand Canyon is mostly