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Colors of the Underwater Rainbow

The fish are jumping this summertime in Katmai National Park and our new Underwater Live Bear & Salmon Cam gives you every angle of action. Salmon “live in the northern Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and are anadromous, which means most types of salmon are born in fresh water, migrate to the sea, and return to

A Double Rainbow for Your Weekend

mothernaturenetwork: Photo of the day: Grand Canyon gets a double dose of rainbows See more beautiful shots of the Grand Canyon here. Happy Friday!

The End of the Rainbow: Secret Exposed!

People have wondered for years where the rainbow ends and what can be found at the end of the rainbow. Well our live cam proves it. The answer is: Hawaii! Visit the Waimea Bay Cam and see for yourself. Be warned, you’re likely to find surfers and beautiful sunsets.

Move Over Monday… somewhere over the rainbow.

Move Over Monday… somewhere over the rainbow. When you see a rainbow it is after rain. The sun is always behind you and the rain in front of you when a rainbow appears, so the center of the rainbow’s arc is directly opposite the sun. Every person sees their own “personal” rainbow. When you look at one,