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giraffe looking at camera

"Are you looking at me?"

Top 5 Giraffe Photos Of The Week

Giraffes are graceful and beautiful, as they move on their long legs and reach their tall necks to eat the highest leaves. Have a look on the live cams and see these gorgeous creatures in their natural habitat. Here are five of the best giraffe photos for the week.

African Animal Lookout Live Camera

giraffe standing among trees

Peekaboo! Photo captured by member PatriciaD.

four giraffes

A group of giraffes hiding within the bushes. Photo captured by member RockinCJM4EVR.

giraffe family

A giraffe family standing together. Photo captured by member Angie CA.

giraffe eating solo

“Yum, the leaves at the top are the best.” Photo captured by member PatriciaDyer.

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