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They’ve Done It! The First Osprey Fledged for 2014

Exciting news from Hog Island! The first of the Hog Island Osprey chicks has fledged this morning, July 31st at 6:07am PDT. There is speculation over whether it was Poole or Pan who was the first to show up their feathered siblings by taking flight out over the Hog Island waters. What do you think?

See the family on the Live Cam here. The other siblings should fledge any day now!

*Update from Dr. Steve Kress: These are great photos! I especially like the way the other two chicks are looking at the flying bird.  It’s likely that the first chick will return for more meals; know too that Rachael will be the first parent to migrate, leaving Steve at home to provision the fledgers who will continue to come back to the nest for some meals as they  develop their own fishing skill.


  1. MiMero228

    Very nice!
    So cool….been watching since birth and I missed the first fledge, LOL. OH, WELL, I WATCHED THE BIDEO AND THAT IS GREAT!

  2. Jasmine Finks

    Hard to tell Poole and Pan apart, thanks for clarifying!

  3. zydeco sailor

    well either u got it wrong or who we call Pan u call Poole because if u look at video it’s clearly by “our” understanding Poole on rt of Pan… and Pan fledging!?!?!?
    Poole is the one with the darker neck, more reddish .. yes? So he is on Pan’s rt as she fledges????

  4. Regina from Hamburg

    There seems to be some confusion about who actually fledged today. On this blog you stated “it seems” to be Poole. After watching the video, most of our chat friends came to the conclusion that it has been Pan, the supposed to be male juvie. How do YOU distinguish the three Ps?

  5. Anyone care to post a link to the video? Can’t seem to find it anywhere.