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The Second Osprey Has Fledged!

The second of the three Osprey chicks has flown for the first time today, August 1st!  Here’s an update from our partners at Audubon:

After all the excitement and attention of the first Hog Island Osprey fledge on July 31st, of course a sibling wouldn’t be far behind to try it!  The very next day on August 1st, the second of three took a flying leap and soared through the air.

It’s sure to get lonely in the nest, so the third chick will soon have to take the plunge and make the move towards independence.  These first flights are just a transition to full self-reliance; the juveniles will return to the nest through the following weeks, eating prey brought by their father Steve while they hone their own fishing techniques.

Watch all the feats of flying on the live cam!