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Breeze and Clover are growing up

Breeze & Clover Hummingbird are ready to fledge!

Breeze and Clover, the two chicks of Heddy featured on the Ivy Hummingbird Nest, are 22 days old and already practicing their flying skills, beating their wings at 80 flaps per second!

Today, and in the following few days, the pair will perch on the edge of the nest and regularly exercise their wings until they take off. According to the team at Ivy Hummingbird, the babies may fledge and return-to-base for ‘room-service’, sometimes staying for another night. Or they may return and wait for nest-mate to take the leap, too. Then, they finally explore the nearby areas as Mom shows them where nectar and bugs are — and how to be hummingbirds.

Watch all the excitement – and perhaps shed a bittersweet tear – live!

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