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Heddy still feeds Breeze and Clover

Hummingbird Fledge Update: Everything is Awesome!

Breeze & Clover Hummingbird, Heddy’s chicks on the Ivy Hummingbird nest fledged earlier this week after 25 days on the nest. The live cam’s host gave us an update on the pair, and everything is looking great!

“I just observed Heddy feeding both Breeze and Clover in the dense foliage of the ivy-covered bottlebrush tree. The good news is that our beloved little ones are thriving in a safe environment. The bottlebrush tree provides excellent cover and will also be a source of nectar when the babies learn how to drink from the flowers. I also observed the babies trying to catch a bug that flew by. They didn’t catch it, but they are working on their skills. Everything is proceeding as nature intends and it is such a delight to see.”

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