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Puffin Hatching Highlights!

Small, but Mighty

From the Boulder Berm Live Cam you can view wide angles of the graceful terns in flight as well as close-ups of the tiny tern chicks in the nest! “After the chicks hatch, they are covered with down and can move about some, but stay near the nest. The parents go off to the ocean

Three Hungry Chicks

Rachel and Steve’s family are done hatching and growing strong. With this new video you can relive all the excitement when they first greeted their parents in the nest. Click here to watch the video and check out the Explore.org YouTube Channel for more like this. Ospreys grow quickly and around 50 days old, these

Congratulations Rachel and Steve!

Our first Osprey chick has broken out of its shell to greet mom and dad in the nest! Read this note and update from Charlie below: You’ve followed the love story of Rachel and Steve, Hog Island Maine’s resident ospreys, joining them in a springtime reunion after a winter spent apart, celebrating as they turned a nest