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avalanche rescue dog

Watch “Avalanche Rescue-Still Story”- A Short Film

In this short film, Explore takes you on a journey to Jackson Hole through some of the world’s best backcountry ski terrain, where avalanches still threaten the safety of adventurous skiers and snowboarders.

9/11 Tribute

Today we remember the lives lost on 9/11/2001 and celebrate the heroes who followed the tragedy – canine and human heroes alike.

Dogs to the Rescue

Dog Bless the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation teams for standing by to assist weather-wrought locations in the midwest. Our thoughts are with all families affected. Click here to learn more about search and rescue dogs and how they help in avalanches and even during 9/11.

Pearl: The Search & Rescue Dog Who Traveled The US

  (Above: Ski patrol dog in Jackson Hole. Click here to learn more about dog search and rescue around the country.) A little enthusiasm can take you far—in the case of Pearl the black lab, all the way from a California pound to Haiti. At the animal shelter, a group that trains seeing-eye dogs saw

The Next Generation Of Heroes

Future search and rescue heroes at the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation.

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