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Behind the Scenes: Service Dog Training Live Cam

Have you seen the ECAD Service Dogs live cam? These adorable puppies are hard at work training to become Service Dogs. In today’s blog post, we’ll take you behind the scenes to see what the Service Dog training process looks like and why it matters.  It’s not hard to find a faithful canine companion, but

Meet ECAD’s Newest Litter!

We are pleased to welcome a beautiful new litter to the ECAD family! The mother, Maya, has given birth to 3 puppies who will go on to be future service dogs! This is Maya’s third and final litter as she has successful given birth to 19 puppies over the years. Their father, Gipper, is ECAS’s

Explore Welcomes Lulu’s Litter with a New Live Cam

Congratulations to you and your new family, Lulu! The four-year-old Labrador / Great Dane mix welcomes her second litter with East Coast Assistance Dogs (ECAD). Her first, the Liquor Litter, is now 15 months old and thriving. The stud for both litters is proud papa Elton, a black Labrador on loan from the Guide Dog

Service Dog Training Begins with a Bond

East Coast Assistance Dogs (ECAD) is in the midst of Team Training! The service dogs have been matched up with people living with disabilities and the pairs are now bonding with each other and learning how to work with their new teammate.

Service dogs prepare for emergencies before emergencies

The midst of an emergency, like a fire in the middle of the night, is not the time to test a service dog’s ability to stay calm and focused while surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the oddly dressed, and sometimes frantic strangers of the fire department and other first responders. It’s important that

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