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A Match Meant to Be

Neither sleet nor snow could keep Chris from Sam. Monday, despite the snowy weather in Ohio, Cpl Chris Owens, USMC (retired) met service dog Samaria in South Carolina. Chris and Samaria, brought together from a partnership between Canines for Service and explore.org’s Dog Bless You, started training right away. It’s already hard to tell who is smiling more.

Celebrating One Year Out

Eli the service dog in training celebrates his first year anniversary of being liberated from an animal shelter! He’s since been in training with Canines for Service, and will soon be an excellent assistance dog for a veteran who needs him.

Jeremy And Artemas

Jeremy Moore, U.S. Army, just received his service dog Artemas, fondly nicknamed Artie. Artie is a little over 2 years old and came from New Hanover Sheriff’s Animal Control. He was trained at the Naval Consolidated Brig in Charleston by a military prisoner for 14 months, and is a very happy lab who wants nothing

How I Became A Service Dog Trainer

I was first introduced to Canines for Service at a kennel club dog show in 1999. I talked with the folks there and knew I was interested in fostering a puppy, but it was not the right time in my life. Later that year, I received their newsletter that rekindled my interest and it got

What Is A Service Dog?

Post by Pat Hairston of Canines for Service Service dogs are trained to assist an individual who is visually or hearing impaired, experiencing mobility limitations or dealing with psychological disorders. There are distinctions between service and guide dogs, sometimes known as assistance dogs, and therapy, emotional support or companion dogs. A service dog has legal

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