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World Elephant Day: Join the Live Chat at 9 AM/Noon!

Celebrate World Elephant Day by joining the Live Chat with elephant conservation and ivory trade expert, Simon Hedges, on the African Watering Hole Live Cam today, 8/12/14. The chat beings at 9 AM PST/Noon EST and you can join the conversation here!

Fast & Fascinating Facts on Elephants: 

  • Between 1960 and 1990, elephant populations in East Africa suffered a huge decline, as 85 to 98 percent of elephants were killed for their ivory. Despite these decimations, Tanzania and Kenya maintain a significant elephant presence. Today, there are an estimated 25,000 elephants in Kenya, though poaching continues to threaten this number. – See more.
  • The African elephant (Forest and Savannah) is threatened with less than 400,000 remaining worldwide.
  • The main market for illegal ivory is China, where a single tusk can fetch $100,000200,000. – See more here.
  • During mating, a female elephant will emit a call that is joined by the rumbling and trumpeting of her family and other nearby individuals. This phenomenon is called the mating pandemonium
  • After an extraordinary 660 days, a female gives birth, usually at night in the company of her family. The moment of birth is a significant moment, and the family erupts in momentous trumpeting for up to 40 minutes!

Explore more elephants in film and photos here, and catch them on the African Wildlife Live Cams here! We’ll see you at 9 AM/Noon!