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Possible “Adoption” of Orphaned “Cubadult”

From Ranger Roy on the Bear Cam: While we are cautious by nature, a few of us believe you may have captured a shot of Holly, her spring cub, and 402’s “cubadult”. Keep in mind, that adoptions are extremely rare, and this may simply be that Holly is tolerant, not fully accepting of the older

A Couple Notes on Bears from the Rangers

Ranger Mike and Ranger Jeanne have shared a couple important points of information on the Brown Bears of Katmai this season. Our viewers have noticed some of the unusual behaviors and our rangers have a few explanations and background info: From Ranger Mike: Last night Ranger Jeanne hinted that I had some news to share.

Brown Bear Cub Reunited With Mother Live on Bear Cam

In an unexpected turn of events, viewers witnessed an epic moment within the very first live hours of this season’s Bear Cam. Earlier in the evening, Katmai National Park rangers divulged some heartbreaking news – Bear 402, a familiar face from prior seasons, had been separated from her only remaining yearling: “402 was separated from her remaining yearling