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Possible “Adoption” of Orphaned “Cubadult”

From Ranger Roy on the Bear Cam:

While we are cautious by nature, a few of us believe you may have captured a shot of Holly, her spring cub, and 402’s “cubadult”. Keep in mind, that adoptions are extremely rare, and this may simply be that Holly is tolerant, not fully accepting of the older cub. We intend to take a trip to Margot and investigate, and we reserve the right to completely change our minds later. Congrats on a really cool series of shots, CalliopeJane!

You can read the background on this story from Rangers Roy and Jeanne here on the blog!


  1. Adriano Cassiano

    Great news!
    I hope so!

  2. Carl Ramm

    If it is Holly with 402’s cub (and it sure looks like it) it really is great news! Even if Holly’s simply being tolerant it’s an improvement over the cub just being alone so early.

    Keeping my fingers crossed…

  3. sgbelverta

    Another set of eyes on the lookout for something big and hungry is always better