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Large bison grazing in the field.

Large bison grazing in the field.

Top 5 Bison Photos Of The Week

At Grasslands National Park in Canada, the weather is getting chilly and the bison are looking furry. Take a look at these big, shaggy creatures on the live bison cam. Here are the five best photos of the week taken from the live cam.

Bison Live Camera

bison in a watering hole

Lovely photo of a bison with his reflection in the water. Photo captured by member maarefi.

bison relaxing in a dirt patch

“Good thing I’m so furry, it’s getting cold out here.” Photo captured by member pennyanne236.

herd of bison in watering hole

“It’s bath time!” Photo captured by member mason pie.

bison drinking at watering hole

Such beautiful colors in this photo of a bison drinking water.

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