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Greening the Polar Bear Cam

BJ Kirschhoffer, Director of Field Operations at Polar Bears International, is traveling to Churchill in preparation for polar bear season. On his to-do list is making sure that the Polar Bear Cam at Cape Churchill is running smoothly.

Cape Churchill is about 30 km east of Churchill and a favorite hang out spot for large, adult male polar bears. An old, lone tower stands out at the Cape, making it the perfect home for a Polar Bear Cam. This past summer, BJ, along with explore.org and Parks Canada, secured the tower by pouring new concrete and anchoring new guide wires. It has taken a month for this concrete to set but now that it has, BJ can return to power up the Cam with green technology.

polar bears

Photo Courtesy of Valerie Abbot

The Cam at Cape Churchill is powered by both solar energy and fuel cells that run on methanol. This technology reduces our carbon footprint (good for polar bears!) and may be used to power cars or even homes in the future. We hope you like the view!