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Live Chat with Ecology Expert on Africa Wildlife Cams

Join us today – Friday, September 19th – at 2 PM Pacific/5 PM Eastern for an Expert Live Chat with UC Santa Barbara Asst. Professor, Dr. Douglas McCauley and Francis Joyce on the African Wildlife Cams.

Dr. Doug McCauley is an ecologist whose interests have carried him around the world working in a wide range of different systems. He has studied vampire bats in Costa Rica, snakes in California, sharks and manta rays in the Pacific, and now hippos at the Mpala Research Centre in Kenya.

Research in the McCauley Lab centers upon understanding the rules that govern how natural ecosystems work and how humans may be changing these rules.

Doug has been working at Mpala for more than a decade. His current research is aimed as describing how hippos link up the ecology of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems by moving vast amounts of nutrients across ecosystem boundaries.Dr. McCauley studied at Berkeley and Stanford and currently is an Assistant Professor at University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB).

Francis Joyce manages the operations of the McCauley lab at UCSB.  He previously assisted with field research on the ecosystem effects of hippos at the Mpala Research Centre. He graduated from Bowdoin College in 2013 with a B.A. in Biology.

Francis and Doug will be joining the explore.org community on the African Watering Hole Live Cam to discuss the diverse wildlife and ecosystem at the Mpala Research Center – unfenced plains in the shadow of Mt. Kenya. And brush up on hippos at the Mpala Field Guide here.

Tune in at 2 PM Pacific for the Live Chat with Dr. McCauley and submit your questions for the Q&A in the comments section here.

Francis Joyce Live African Chat

Francis Joyce

Dr. Doug McCauley Live African Chat

Dr. Doug McCauley