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Have you seen an elephant or beluga whale smile? Our volunteer camera operators follow everything from chipmunks to wild elephantspuppies to brown bears… peaceful, smiling belugas to gentle giant pandas. And much, much more. Would you like to learn how to be one? Because of our camera operators, you’ve seen the life and death struggles of brown bears in Katmai, Alaska. You’ve also seen panda toddlers learning to climb trees in Ya’an, China, and kittens waiting for adoption at a no-kill shelter in Los Angeles, California. You’ve had a front row seat in a Tundra Buggy to view the annual polar bear migration in Churchill, Canada. You’ve held your breath and watched as a woman breathed life into a newborn puppy in Ipswich, Massachusetts… and, later, rejoiced as that puppy was placed as a service dog for someone with mobility issues.

Our volunteer camera operators are part of a global social network that includes other people (like you) who love animals and nature, and enjoy sharing explore.org’s views with the world. Would you like to be part of that team?

Email us at: cams@projectnoah.org for more information about becoming a volunteer camera operator. It will change your life.

(Thanks to CamOpEle for this elephant close up on the African Wildlife Cams!)


  1. Sophie Smith

    Good morning Our family lives psrt time at the Yuccatan Penninsula. We have been witness to turtles being born and beggining thier journey to open sea. All of this is a great effort to protect these animals from predators.Only 1 in a hundred baby turtles will survive. Making each hatching even more of a laboisr of love.
    Nightly people protect,relocate,tag,and gather specifics of numbers and types of turtles. Watching the babies come out of there shells and race for the sea is a humbling exsperience–Please write me back with any details you could provide. glsmiths@telus.net

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