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Brooks Falls Live Expert Chat – Friday 8/15/14

Join us tomorrow on the Brooks Falls Bear Cam for a live chat with Troy Hamon, Katmai’s Chief of Natural and Cultural Resources, and Ranger Roy! The pair of brown bear experts will be talking about salmon from their office in King Salmon, AK, and taking viewer questions at 4 PM AK/5 PM Pacific/8 PM Eastern

You can also see the salmon swimming through Katmai on the underwater River Watch Live Cam

A predictable eruption occurs at Katmai National Park and Preserve annually as salmon burst from the northern Pacific Ocean and into park waters. Sockeye (also known as red) salmon return from the ocean, where they have spent two or three years. Navigating first across the open ocean, and then up rivers, lakes, and streams, they return to the headwater gravel beds of their birth to deposit their own young before dying. Their size, averaging 5 to 7 pounds, varies proportionally to how long they spend feeding at sea.

The salmon run begins here in late June. By the end of July, a million fish may have moved from Bristol Bay into the Naknek system of lakes and rivers. (Click here to learn more.)

Join the Live Chat on the Brooks Falls Cam here tomorrow! (Thanks to Samantha Eye for the snapshot!)


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    Looking forward to this live chat.