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Footprint Identification Technique

We recently received a great update from Duke University on F.I.T. (footprint identification technique). Guest bloggers Zoe Jewell and Sky Alibhai are visiting research scientists at the Nicholas School of the Environment and at the JMP division of the SAS Institute in Cary, NC. They founded WildTrack in response to interest in the research community for cost-effective, non-invasive and sustainable methods of wildlife monitoring.

They write:

We need to expand our focus from captive breeding to successful reintroduction into protected areas.  One of the key requirements for this mission will be effective individual monitoring.

At WildTrack, our research interest lies in developing non-invasive monitoring techniques. We’ve developed a footprint identification technique (FIT) that can identify endangered animals at the species, individual, sex and age-class levels with high accuracy.  It’s cost-effective, non-invasive and sustainable.

Read the rest here, and visit the Giant Pandas via HD live cam!

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