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Natural Wallpaper

Natural Wallpaper If you haven’t before seen it, check out the fabulous photography collection in National Geographic of “animal pattterns.” Did You Know? Our colorful animal planet might be about picking the right fight? “Gregory Grether, UCLA professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, and Christopher Anderson, who recently earned his doctorate in Grether’s laboratory,” offer

Spectacled Bear

We’ve done it! 8/8! Our final bear species up in the spotlight is the wise-looking, Spectacled Bear. FACTS: Spectacled bears get their name from the light colored rings around their eyes that make some of the bears look like they are wearing glasses, but they are also known as the Andean bear. These shy bears

Bear number 7 of the 8 species is the Black Bear

It’s almost coming to an end but these last two are goodies. Bear number 7 of the 8 species is the Black Bear. Among so many of its endangered brethren, the Black Bear is a wonderful success story. “The North American black bear is the most abundant bear in the world. They are highly adaptable

Bear Number 6!

Bear Number 6!  If you didn’t already know and haven’t seen the posts this week there are eight species of bears (see below). From the mere 100-pound Sun Bear to a bear we know intimately here at Explore – the 1,200 lb. polar bear! Some things you may not know (or have forgotten) about the polar

The Sun Bear!

Bear Species number 5 (of 8 – see below): The Sun Bear! Sun bears weigh approximately 100 pounds and are the smallest bear species of the all (consider an adult male polar bear can weigh up to 1,200 pounds!). Look at that cute face! [They] have a long tongue and snout for eating insects and

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