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Spectacled Bear

We’ve done it! 8/8! Our final bear species up in the spotlight is the wise-looking, Spectacled Bear.


  • Spectacled bears get their name from the light colored rings around their eyes that make some of the bears look like they are wearing glasses, but they are also known as the Andean bear.

  • These shy bears are the only species that lives in South America.

  • Little is known about these rare bears because of a lack of research and the remoteness of their habitat.

  • Adult spectacled bears can weigh between 175 and 385 pounds.

  • They also have large, flat molars so they can chew very tough plants that are found in the rainforest.

“Spectacled bears are elusive, and very few people have been fortunate enough to see them in the wild. The spectacled bear held a very important place ancient Incan religious beliefs. Today, the spectacled bear is still respected in native culture, but their numbers are diminishing due to conversion of wild forest land for agricultural purposes. Population estimates are difficult to determine because spectacled bears are so elusive and live in remote places” (The Great Bear Foundation).

Keep exploring more bears. Have a beariful Sunday (please bear with us).

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