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Natural Wallpaper

Natural Wallpaper

If you haven’t before seen it, check out the fabulous photography collection in National Geographic of “animal pattterns.

Did You Know? Our colorful animal planet might be about picking the right fight?

“Gregory Grether, UCLA professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, and Christopher Anderson, who recently earned his doctorate in Grether’s laboratory,” offer an answer to why animals, particularly males, have so many varied colors in nature.

“‘The cost of attacking the wrong type of male and of being attacked by the wrong type of male favors the rich diversity of coloration and of birdsong and chemical cues, such as odors, to identify rivals,’ Gether said.” He added, ‘When species are found in the same location, they do a better job of telling apart males of their own species from males of the other species than they do in places where they do not occur together.’”

Read the article at UCLA here.